Goal Setting Vs. Goal Achievement

28 Jul

As we discussed before “Goal Setting” is the number one success principle. Setting your goals is the first step you need to take towards achieving your goals. The Second step you need to take is to WRITE them. In fact I don’t believe in unwritten goals because I think they can’t be achieved.

 How to write your goals correctly?

Writing your goals is a skill you need to learn before you start writing down your own goals in a piece of paper.

Firstly, I suggest you to consider what are your values?

If we tried to answer this question we will find that our values could be as follows:

  •  Personal Value.

  • Social Value.

  •  Work Value.

  • Financial Value.

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Sense of Urgency – The Heart of your Goals

22 Jul

That is great to set goals and enhance your self confidence – for more details read the previous article by clicking here – but it’s important to set a realistic goals. True goals happen because you take one step at a time to achieve them. This comes from well-chosen, individual steps that are broken down into manageable pieces. Most people set goals but they have no idea what steps to take before Continue reading

Goal Setting and Self Confidence – What about YOU ?

21 Jul

Goals are the most effective factor in building your self confidence. You may notice some people around you who think that they are not capable to achieve their own goals because they feel that this is more “secure” not to achieve their goals. This kind of people is living in the “Comfort Zone” which is a big self image stored inside our brains. It shows us how we look like in front of ourselves. When we are about to change a habit -for example- we can’t change it correctly if we did not change it inside our brains first.

In order to achieve a positive change in your life you must perform it in your brain then start to make it happen in
reality.( I will discuss How to do that later.
Now, Think About This Situation: Continue reading

I am BACK…………………..

6 Jul

Dear readers ,

i ‘d like to inform you that i have successfully finished my college graduation exams and i am going back to blogging….

See all of  so soon through your frank comments on my blogs…..

with respect…


29 May

Apology To My Readers,

This post is to express my apology to my dear readers as they will notice that i will temporarily stop blogging during June 2011 as i am going to be busy doing graduation exams.I will be back very soon so, please be there for me.

By : Mahmoud Al-Shalakany ( Oliver Mayfer )   

Planning and Preparation – P.3

19 May

Strategic Life

               The Life You Deserve

The Life You Deserve

Do Your Homework—Go Beyond Demographics and


When you are speaking to people in a specific industry, business association, or other organization, you must find out everything you can about what is going on professionally with those people before you get up to speak. Is the market good or bad for what they are selling? Are they growing, staying flat, or are they declining in the current market? What are the business and political trends that are affecting them at this moment? Here are some other things to check on when planning a speech or presentation.

Consider What’s Happening in Their Businesses

Find Out What the Local Environment Is Like

Keep in Mind Who Else They’ve Heard Lately

Tailor Your Talk to the Audience’s Specific Concerns

Start with the End in Mind

Watch the Clock

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Planning and Preparation – P.2

13 May

Strategic Life

The Life You Deserve


The Life You Deserve

Gender :

  • What is the gender mix in your audience? Sometimes my audiences will be 50:50 males and females. Sometimes my audiences will be 95 percent men or 95 percent women. This gender breakdown will influence how you design your remarks and make your points.

Income :

What are the incomes of the people in your audiences? How much do they earn on average? What is their income range, from the lowest to the highest? In particular, how do they earn their incomes, and what influences those incomes? Knowing this can help you to refer to money and income-related topics in a way that it is more acceptable to more of your listeners. Continue reading